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Keeping Track of Electronic Manuals
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Written by Philip L Yuson   

One of the things I need to do in my job is read lots and lots of manuals. The good thing is these are all available on the web. So I download them and use them. The next time I want to use them, I go back and try to look for them again. the problem with this is I need to remember where I saved them first.

Fortunately, I discovered Calibre, an ebook management software. It basically imports your PDF manuals and keeps track of them for you. What is nice about this is if you have one of those ebook readers, you can export your manuals to your ebook.

Calibre is available for Linux and Windows. You can download PDF or any file in an ebook format and include them in your library.

Cool Features

  1. Edit Metadata. This allows you to put some information about the book as to author, tags, publisher, date published among other things. By using the metadata, you can sort and search it by tag, publisher and author. You may also download the metadata. Calibre Metadata
  2. Search for ebooks online. This allows you to search for books that you may want to purchase. You can type the name of the book and select the source. It will display the various sites that sell or have that book. Click on the book and Calibre displays the seller. Purchase the book and once it is downloaded, you may put it in your library
  3. Search for titles with specific words. This is not a problem if you have just a few books. However, if you have hundreds of books in your library, this may come in handy. If you have a hundred manuals, and you want to search for all manuals about say, Programming, you can just type the word and Calibre will show the manual.
These are the features I find interesting about the software and it has helped me a lot to organize my e-books and manuals.
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