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Xubuntu 12.10
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Written by Philip L Yuson   

This is a follow up of my previous article Xubuntu 12.04. I managed to mess up my installation so I decided to upgrade the version I was using. I tried installing Linux Mint 14 in Xfce and found it was quite nicer to look at. 

One of the problems I had with it was with the Libreoffice 3.6 install. I also had problems adding to the menu so I decided to switch back to Xubuntu.

The install took a little more than 10 minutes. I had to reinstall all the software applications I normally use. All in all, it took me about half an hour to install and customize everything.

I've been using it for the past few weeks already and am happy with it, except for the sleep function. For some reason, the system hangs intermittently when it wakes up from its sleep state and I had to reboot the system. I had this problem with Xubuntu 12.10 and also with Linux Mint. understand that this is a known bug in Ubuntu.

Other than that, I do not see any problems with it.

The server software I use include Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl and samba. Desktop applications I use are Digikam, gimp, Libreoffice 3.6, Okular, VirtualBox, VMWare View, Calibre, Pidgin and VLC. All these work after I installed them.

If Ubuntu can just fix the sleep bug, then I would be very happy. 


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