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PL/1 Program ABEND S0C4
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Written by Philip L Yuson   


PL/1 program calls several common modules. Compile and Link are ok. Program runs ok if the common module was the only module but ABENDs if more than one common modules are specified. Retained only one common module and the program works but putting only the EXTERNAL ENTRY without calling the module causes S0C4.

Technologies used: 

  • PL/1 3.8
  • DB2
  • z/OS
  • Caused By:

    Write a simple program that calls these two common modules. The program does the same thing. This rules out the main program as the problem. Wrote a simple module that displays a line and replaced the two common modules with this one to identify the erroneous module.

    After identifying the erroneous module, I had to again strip off the program and slowly put in the variables and other PROCs of the module.Removed SQL statement to rule out DB2 problem. Identified the culprit as a GO TO statement that branches to an area outside its PROC.

    Another tedious work but it identified the problem. 


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