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Why I Use Linux
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Written by Philip L Yuson   

Right off the bat, I would like to say that I'm not advocating that everyone switch from Windows. I use Windows at work and have no problems with it. I have been using Linux for more than 10 years at home. It is not because I cannot afford to buy a copy of Windows, but it is because I find that Linux meets all of my computing requirements.

I like playing with systems and Linux allows me to do that. I have learned web programming, Apache administration, SQL by playing with MySQL and PostgreSQL and network administration  just by playing with my Linux system.

How I Started 

I started with Red Hat way back when it was still an upstart company. I then moved to Mandrake Linux (now called Mandriva) mainly because of their KDE interface. The past few years, I switched to Ubuntu just to see what the hype was and I had been using Ubuntu and variations of it for the past few years.

When I started, Linux was for technical people. There were bugs and a lot of things had to be built from scratch. I remember building Apache and Perl from scratch. Linux has come a long way, thanks to various organizations that aim to improve it. From the frustrations I had early on, things are a lot easier now. Programs can be installed by pickup them up from repositories.

That being said, things do not always run smoothly. I remember installing a new version of Kubuntu recently. In the process of installing another program, the install program basically erased all my KDE programs - leaving me with no GUI interface! That made me switch quickly to Xubuntu. So far, I am very satisfied with it.

Freedom of Choice 

This shows that Linux means freedom of choice. I can choose how my user interface will look like. I can also mix and match programs from one interface with another. For example, I use Xubuntu but I prefer the file manager from KDE (Dolphin). I also prefer the Gimp image manipulation program. There are also other software products that can work in any interface. The Libreoffice Office suite is one. The VLC media player is another one. 

Linux also has a program called WINE - that allows you to install Windows programs and run them under Linux. I find that not all Windows programs can work under WINE, but Microsoft Office does. 

One thing that bugs me is some participants in discussion forums. Generally speaking, a lot of these discussion forums are excellent. Most of the participants give excellent solutions. However, I sometimes come across some comments from someone who would insult the one who posts something. I think this attitude is counterproductive to Linux being adopted.

Unlike Windows which keeps requiring more powerful processors, Linux can run on older machines. If you just bought a new computer and wonder what to do with the old one, you might want to try installing Linux on it. You can use it to as a server for your files, pictures and/or movies. You can also install a DNS cache server on this to improve your internet performance. 


Linux works and so does Windows. And so does Mac. Each has their own strength. But for me, I will stick to Linux because it allows me to play. It is how I relax after a day's work.

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