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Kate - Advanced Text Editor
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Written by Philip L Yuson   

If you write code, you need a tool that will help you do what you need to do. I use Kate to write my code. Here are some of the features I normally use: 

  1. It allows you to save your session. Say you are working on several projects and you work on several files. You can save these files into one session. When you Kate, it can ask you if you want to open a specific session. Selecting a session will open the files that were open before you exit that session.
  2. Another thing I like about Kate is its color highlighting. It can identify if a text is part of the program or a variable or text. It can recognize various programming language syntax. I have used it to code PHP, Perl, Javascript, HTML and CSS. If you click on the Tools, it shows you a lot more languages that it recognizes.
  3. One of the best feature it has is its built in terminal session within the editor. This makes it convenient to view logs from the web server without leaving your window.
  4. It also allows you to split the view of your code. Sometimes, you will need to view part of a code way down or up where you are coding. Splitting the view makes his very convenient.
  5. You can also find a text within files in a directory.
  6. It allows you to open multiple files in a session. This is very convenient specially if you need to cross reference several files.
Kate is a simple text editor that does a lot. The nice thing about this is it is not only available in Linux, you can also install this in Windows. You will need to install the KDE for Windows pack to get this working.


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