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What is IMS Transaction Manager

IMS is a transaction manager and database system for the mainframe. This article provides a brief overview of the transaction manager.

In a previous article (What is an IMS Database), I discussed about IMS databases. IMS is more than a database system. It also manages online transactions. If you need to know what an online transaction is, please read my previous article ( Types of Processing on the Mainframe: Batch and Online)

MVS File System

Every operating system has its own file system. z/OS is no exception. Windows and *NIX file systems are based on hierarchical directory structure. Basically, you have one root directory and you can create directories (sometimes called folders) or files under that root directory. Mainframe disk files are very different to this hierarchical approach.Data Set Names (DSN)

Incident and Problem: What is the Difference

One nice thing about ITIL is it provides definitions for almost everything in IT service management. First things first. We need to define these two terms.

Considerations for IT Service Continuity

How do you go about determining or even starting an IT Service Continuity Plan? One of the difficulties of formulating a plan is to determine which applications are critical to your organization. The first place to begin is in your Service Level Agreements (SLA). Your SLA defines what is critical to your organization.

Types of Mainframe Processing: Batch and Online

There are two types of mainframe processes: Batch Processing and Online Transaction Processing. Read this article to find out what these are.

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